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Course Information

Course Length

  • Initial Classes: 4-6 hours (minimum by state law)

Course Requirements

  • Written Test: All students must score 70% or higher.
  • Range Proficiency: All students must score 70% or higher.
  • All students must qualify with a .32 caliber firearm or larger.
  • All students must be capable of safely handling their firearms. This includes the loading of magazines.
  • No class time is available to teach basic shooting skills. If you believe you will have difficulty passing the proficiency test, you may want to enroll in a basic shooting course.

Course Fees

Course fees can be paid with cash, check or credit card (American Express Card is not accepted). Please see the classes and prices page for complete list.

* Call to make your reservation. Deposit required to reserve your seat in class. Failure to attend class or notification less than 48 hours prior to class will result in forfeiture of your deposit.