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Texas License to Carry (LTC) Training

Learn the laws and skills to qualify to carry a handgun in Texas for personal protection. This is a 1 day (4 hour) course of study and testing mandated by the state.


with gun/without gun

Private Firearms Training

Learn to shoot from an experienced firearms instructor - I will start you out with the basics fundamentals of marksmanship then you will learn to shoot a 22 semi-auto up to a .45 cal. plus revolvers and shotguns.


hourly rate + range fees

Basic Tactical Training

This class will help you answer the question, " I have my CHL, now what?" You will learn how to come out of concealment. Using proper verbal commands, malfunction clearance drills, scenario training.


Intermediate Tactical Training

This course builds upon the basic tactics earned in CHL Basic Tactical Training.


Advanced Tactical Training

This course builds upon the tactical training in the Basic and Intermediate level courses.


Ladies Only Personal Defense


Defensive Tactics


Advanced Defensive Tactics


Integrated Firearms

This course teach you how to integrate your gun handling skills with your unarmed empty hand skills. Most shootings happen at close distances. Learn to draw your weapon under pressure while fighting, maintain control over your gun during the fight and how guns are taken away.


Private Classes

Private classes may be arranged for $75.00 per student ($600 minimum). Instruction may be done at your location (based on location, an extra fuel charge may apply).


per student / $600 minimum

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